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Pentecostal Lighthouse Church
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Executive Board 

(Front row left to right) District Elder Charles Trumbo, Suffragan Bishop Carl McCullen, Suffragan Bishop Elzy Thomas, Bishop Sherman L. Merritt, District Elder Melvin A. Boyd and District Elder Anna Davis

(Back row left to right) Suffragan Bishop Eugene Stewart, Suffragan Bishop James Moore, District Elder Larry Smith, Suffragan Bishop Johnny Burrell, District Elder Johnnie Blissett, District Elder Fred Connor, District Elder Anthony Walton and Suffragan Bishop George Burns 



Will you make the journey with us?

International Pentecostal Young Peoples Union

The mission of the International Young People’s Union is to empower and ensure the natural and spiritual development of young people through innovative ministry for the purpose of growing dynamic Christians.

The International Pentecostal Young People's Union (IPYPU) has come a long way since its conception in 1933. Under the guidance and supervision of our parent organization, the Pentecostal Assembles of the World, Inc., our body of youth, ages 38 and younger, have grown from approximately 400 youth to now more than 8,000 youth and supporters worldwide. Today, we are still united for the purpose of providing specialized programs that promote the message of Christ to other youth around the globe.

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